Wiseman Quoted in Memphis Daily News re: Upcoming County Elections

Upcoming County Elections

Reporter Bill Dries has an article up over at the Memphis Daily News today discussing the current state of the candidate field in the upcoming countywide elections, particularly in the Mayor’s race:

Local Republican Party chairman Lang Wiseman declared Luttrell is the “strongest candidate,” Democrat or Republican, and will be the “frontrunner.”

“Sometimes time and circumstance kind of open the way for certain people to do certain things,” Wiseman said. “I think Mark is the right guy. It’s just the right time for him.”

Dries went on to cite Lang’s comments about the Herenton/Cohen “race” (quite literally) that’s shaping up:

Wiseman doesn’t share Turner’s excitement. He points to Herenton’s campaign kickoff last weekend in which Herenton said race will be an issue in the August primary on the same ballot with the county general elections. Wiseman predicts the race will turn off voters.

“I’m disappointed that anybody would be excited by the attention that’s been generated by the Herenton-Cohen race,” Wiseman said. “It’s been generated for one reason and one reason only – to stir up and foment the racial divide. That’s just unfortunate. It shouldn’t be like that. I guess we all knew it was going to be like that.”


Wiseman said the Cohen-Herenton primary bout could just as easily have offered a different tone.

“The sad part is that a race that will materialize in the 9th District could be a good thing for the community,” he said. “There are lots of substantive things that Herenton could talk about that he believes in that could provide a contrast with Cohen. I think that, by and large, Herenton is probably more conservative than Cohen is on some of the issues.”

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