Wiseman Quoted in Commercial Appeal Article (2/1/10)

Wiseman Quoted in Commercial Appeal Article (2/1/10)

Lang was quoted in the Commercial Appeal again today concerning the upcoming appearance of RNC Chairman, Michael Steele, at the March 6th Lincoln Day Gala hosted annually by the Shelby County Republican Party.  The article focused on the so-called controversial aspects of Steele’s tenure as Chairman.

From the CA:

Shelby County Republican Party chairman Lang Wiseman said he’s excited that Steele will be here.

“Irrespective of what people may think about Steele specifically, I think it’s a real coup to have him come to our party,” Wiseman said.

The local Republican Party isn’t paying Steele a speaker’s fee, Wiseman said. He added that he hasn’t followed the controversy over Steele’s leadership very closely.

“My sense is he’s ruffled some feathers from some Republican leaders,” he said. “But my sense is also that there are some Republican leaders who need their feathers ruffled.”

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