Truck Accident Lawyer Memphis, TN

Truck Accident Lawyer Memphis, TN

Truck accidents can cause major property damage and severe injuries. Therefore, you want to do everything you can to avoid them. Although some truck accidents are not avoidable, you can take the necessary steps to lower your risk of being involved in one. Here are a few helpful tips on avoiding these types of accidents.

  • Be cautious when passing. There may come a time when you have to pass a big truck on the road. When you’re in this situation, make sure to proceed with caution. Remember to use your turn signal and pass on the left where truck drivers can see you better.
  • Stay out of the blind spots. Truck drivers have big blind spots. If you get into one of these blind spots, the truck driver will not be able to see your vehicle. To reduce the risk of getting hit, always stay more than 20 feet in front of a truck or more than 30 feet behind. 
  • Give extra room when trucks are turning. As a truck accident lawyer in Memphis, TN can confirm, commercial trucks have to make much larger turns than passenger vehicles. When you see a truck getting ready to make a turn, you should keep your distance. 
  • Be extra patient. It is not uncommon for drivers to become frustrated with commercial truck drivers. They have to take longer to turn and must go at slower speeds to stay safe. While this can be annoying to deal with at times, you must realize that it is necessary. Recognize that truck drivers have to take these measures to stay safe and practice patience.
  • Say “no” to distractions. It’s never good to be distracted while driving. As a truck driver lawyer in Memphis, TN can confirm, it can be especially dangerous when you’re driving by commercial trucks. If you are distracted by something else when a truck approaches your vehicle, you have a higher chance of getting into an accident. Stay off your smartphone, do not eat or drink and avoid changing the radio stations.
  • Check the weather. Poor weather conditions, such as rain and wind, can make driving more difficult. It can be especially dangerous around truck drivers. If you have to drive in bath weather, you should use even more caution around truck drivers. 

A truck accident lawyer from Wiseman Bray, PLLC knows that the injuries you sustain from a truck accident can be very serious. Although many people may think you would be lucky to make it out of a truck accident with injuries instead of dying, the injuries you have to live with can cause you pain for years to come. These will not only cost thousands—even tens of thousands of dollars—when it comes to medical bills due to hospital stays and surgeries, but you may even be dealing with very expensive rehabilitation treatment programs so that you can learn to walk or move certain parts of your body again. Don’t hesitate to call a lawyer if you are worried about paying for your injury recovery. 

Common Types of Injuries from a Truck Accident

Because of the size difference between your car and the truck, it makes sense that you are likely coming away with worse injuries than the truck driver. Below are some of the most common types of injuries you might sustain if you were in a truck accident. 

  • Broken or Fractured Bones. Although not life-threatening once treated, broken or fractured bones can still cause you a great deal of pain and may even mean you have to be out of work until your injuries are healed. When this is the case, you may be able to receive compensation for lost wages when it comes to your job.
  • Internal Bleeding. Unfortunately, internal bleeding can be life-threatening and is not the most obvious kind of injury you can sustain. Regardless of whether you can see your injuries or not, you should always get checked out by a medical professional immediately following a truck accident because internal bleeding may be present.
  • Head and Brain Injuries. Head trauma occurs in these types of accidents because of the force of a truck hitting your car, causing your head to move from side to side or causing it to hit something, like the steering wheel or the window. Like internal injuries, brain damage can be the type of injury that doesn’t show symptoms for days or weeks until it is too late. If you feel dizzy, have vision problems, have more frequent headaches, or feel that you have altered moods, it is imperative that you see a doctor as soon as possible.
  • Bruises and Lacerations. While bruises and lacerations may not seem like serious injuries, it is still important to have a medical professional look at them. Lacerations are open wounds and if you do not get them treated quickly it is possible that they could become infected. 

The Severity of Trucking Accidents

For many, driving near semi-trucks or 18 wheelers can lead some drivers to have a sense of anxiety. No one wants to experience something as tragic as to fall victim to an accident involving an 18 wheeler. Such an accident can lead to serious injuries and even be fatal. Due to the sheer weight and size of an 18 wheeler, they can surely deliver devastating results. Truck accidents can occur as a result of:

  • Truck Rollover
  • Rear-End Collisions
  • Lost Loads
  • Underride Accidents
  • Wide Turns
  • Head-On Collisions
  • T Bone Accidents
  • Following such an accident, you will need to focus on what may be a lengthy and painful recovery. You will surely want to give yourself the opportunity to fully focus on your recovery while a TN Truck Accident Lawyer takes the lead on your case. For guidance, call an experienced truck accident lawyer in your area. 

The Complexity of Determining Fault

Determining who should be held accountable can be challenging. In some cases, you may even be able to hold more than one party responsible when taking legal action. There is a tremendous amount of pressure on the trucking industry to deliver cargo quickly and efficiently. Because of this, trucks may be operating with drivers who are overworked and over fatigued, poorly maintained trucks, and more. This has the ability to be incredibly hazardous for other drivers on the road. You may be wondering who you can hold accountable for the accident.

Working with an experienced truck accident lawyer can review your case and help determine who can be held accountable. Examples of parties who may be responsible include:

  • Truck Manufacturers
  • Truck Driver
  • Trucking Company

A truck accident lawyer can help by carefully reviewing your case, determining fault, valuing your claim, and negotiating a settlement in your favor. 

Following a trucking accident, your life will be forever changed. Because truck accidents produce devastating results, chances are you will be experiencing costly damages. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of your ability to seek compensation following the truck accident you have fallen victim to. Working with an experienced lawyer can prove essential in moving forward with your case. Call us as soon as possible so that we can review your claim and provide you with the guidance you need.

Truck Accidents As a Result of Distracted Driving

When you are hoping to file a claim for the injuries you got after a truck accident, one of the first things you will likely be looking for is why the truck accident happened in the first place. Was the truck driver responsible or were they a victim in the accident as well? One of the most common reasons that truck accidents occur is because the truck driver was driving distracted. There could be any number of things that are distracting the truck driver and when this occurs, a truck driver could be so distracted that they do not see you in enough time to stop the accident before it happens. 

Why do truck drivers get distracted? 

There are many reasons a truck driver may get distracted. Think about the times you have taken long road trips. After the first hour or two, not only are you starting to get bored, seeing scenery flashing by you may also begin to make you tired on your drive. Truck drivers may use distractions to keep them awake while they are behind the wheel. However, using a distraction, like a cell phone or a radio to keep them awake may have the opposite effect that was intended. They may get distracted:

  • Listening to a podcast, the radio, or a video while driving. 
  • Looking at the GPS or map to figure out where they need to go.
  • Eating or drinking on the road if they do not have time to pull over.
  • Brushing their hair, shaving, or applying makeup.
  • Talking on the phone or texting.

While none of these activities are inherently bad, they should not be doing them while they are actively driving. 

When anyone is distracted while they are driving, they lose precious seconds that they should be focusing on the road. In mere seconds, traffic lights can change, you can round a corner that is backed up with cars, or a car could come into your lane and you do not give yourself the proper time to react. When this is the case, a truck driver, carrying a load far greater than the average car, could miss the time needed to avoid a collision and instead ram into a car, injuring or killing the people inside. 

If you believe a truck accident you were involved in is the result of distracted driving, do not hesitate to mention this to your lawyer when looking for the cause of the accident.

Contact a Memphis Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck accidents can happen for a variety of reasons, including distracted driving, driver error, drowsy driving, defective truck parts, and overweight or improperly loaded trucks. During your initial consultation with a member of our team, do not hesitate to voice your questions and concerns. A good truck accident lawyer is more than happy to address your concerns and questions and make you feel as comfortable as possible.

When a commercial truck slams into a passenger vehicle, the injuries and damage can be devastating to a family. At Wiseman Bray, PLLC, we have been representing victims of truck accidents for years, and have seen the catastrophic injuries many victims suffer. We have also helped numerous families whose loved ones did not survive their injuries in getting justice for that heartbreaking loss.

Contact Wiseman Bray, PLLC today at (901) 372-5003, and rest assured that a Tennessee truck accident lawyer can be the one to represent you in seeking damages for the pain and loss you have suffered.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Truck accidents occur every day in Tennessee for a wide range of reasons. Commercial trucks are so large and heavy that they are more likely to cause life-threatening injuries because  Here are some common causes of truck accidents.

  • Driver fatigue. Truck drivers spend long hours on the road. Even though federal regulations prohibit drivers from driving too many hours in a row, not all drivers follow these rules. They may drive longer than they’re permitted to meet their deadlines. Unfortunately, this can result in fatigue. Truck drivers who are running on little sleep may lose focus of the road ahead and ignore safe driving practices. They might even fall asleep behind the wheel, causing accidents.
  • Failure to properly secure loads. It’s crucial for truck drivers to properly pack and secure cargo so that it’s evenly distributed across the truck. Otherwise, an accident is more likely to occur. The product could fall off the trailer and onto the road.
  • Driving under the influence. Unfortunately, driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol is a huge problem among truck drivers. They may take drugs like cocaine and methamphetamine to stay awake and relieve boredom. Unfortunately, these drugs can impair a truck driver’s judgement and increase the likelihood of an accident.
  • Driver distraction. As a trucking accident lawyer in Memphis, TN can confirm, distractions cause a large number of truck accidents. As mentioned above, truck drivers have to spend long hours behind the wheel. This can lead to boredom eventually. Truck drivers, therefore, may use distractions to keep themselves occupied. They might check text messages, talk on the phone, change the radio station or eat. Unfortunately, all of these actions can divert a truck driver’s focus off the road, increasing the risk of an accident.
  • Speeding. Truck drivers are under constant pressure to make their deliveries on time. If truck drivers get behind, they may be tempted to drive above the speed limit to meet their deadlines. Speeding can lower their reaction times and increase the risk of vehicle crashes.
  • Poor training. Operating a commercial truck is more difficult than driving a passenger vehicle. As such, truck drivers have to go through rigorous training before they can get behind the wheel. However, some trucking companies may skimp on training to save money. Truck drivers who have poor training are more likely to cause accidents.