Truck Accident Lawyer Memphis, TN

Truck Accident Lawyer Memphis, TNIf you were hurt in a truck accident, you owe it to yourself to talk to a truck accident lawyer Memphis, TN respects. Trucking accidents are becoming more and more common, and can result in serious injuries. In fact, a truck can cause more damage than regular vehicles because of its large size. Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons for truck accidents:

1. Truck Equipment Failure

Sometimes a trucking accident is the result of faulty equipment. Equipment failure can involve anything from defective tires to improperly maintained brakes. That’s why every truck driver is required to get his or her truck inspected annually. If the truck driver who hit you failed to get a timely inspection, your truck accident lawyer Memphis, TN trusts may use that as evidence against him or her in court.

2. Driver Error

Trucking accidents can also be caused by the driver’s own errors. For example, if the driver is very tired, he or she may be less alert on the road and more likely to cause an accident. Distractions, substance abuse, and inattention are other factors that can contribute to driving errors. A good truck accident lawyer Memphis, TN relies on can investigate if the accident you were involved in was due to driver error or not.

3. Weather Conditions

Severe weather conditions, like rain or snow, can increase the risk of trucking accidents. Trucks carry a lot of weight, so it’s difficult for the drivers to stop easily during harsh weather. Some truck drivers don’t consider the weather before going out on the road and increase the risk of accidents.

4. Improper Loading

Truck accidents can also be caused when truck drivers don’t load their merchandise properly. If a load is not evenly distributed in the truck, for example, it can cause the truck to topple over and cause an accident. If a truck driver didn’t properly secure his load in the truck, it is in danger of falling out into the road.

What Can a Truck Accident Lawyer Do for You?

Whether the truck accident you were involved in was the result of weather conditions or driver error, it may be worth it to talk to a truck accident lawyer in Memphis, TN. He or she may conduct a thorough investigation of your case and collect evidence that can help you win your lawsuit.

A Memphis TN truck accident lawyer may also hire experts, like accident reconstruction experts and medical professionals, to testify on your behalf. They can tell the court about the extent of your injuries and what challenges you may face in the future.

Types of Truck Accidents

There are certain types of truck accidents that occur more regularly than other types. At Wiseman Bray, each truck accident lawyer Memphis, TN knows from our firm has extensive legal experience handling the following types of crashes.

1. Rear-End Truck Accidents

When a commercial truck, such as a massive tractor-trailer, needs to slow down or come to a stop, it takes much longer than other types of vehicles do. In fact, a loaded truck can require up to four percent more time the travel distance as other vehicles to come to a complete stop. If the weather is bad and roads are slippery, it can take even longer to stop. A truck driver who is speeding or distracted and has to suddenly stop puts those vehicles in front of him in serious harm’s way.

2. Rollover Truck Accidents

Your truck accident lawyer Memphis, TN trusts can tell you these are some of the most frequent types of truck accidents which occur, most commonly because the truck driver was driving too fast while trying to negotiate a curve. These accidents also happen often when drivers – especially those who are inexperienced – overcorrect the wheel. Suddenly, that huge truck has flipped over on its side and far too often on top of another, smaller vehicle. Rollover accidents can happen whether the truck is empty or fully loaded and can cause just as much damage either way.

3. Jackknife Truck Accidents

Jackknife accidents are another common type of truck accident. These occur when the attached trailer of a truck swings out to the side of the cab, forming an angle that looks like a jackknife. These accidents often are a result of a truck going into a skid.

4. Tire Blowout Truck Accidents

In any vehicle, a tire blowout can cause a driver to lose control of the vehicle. When it happens with a tractor-trailer, it is like a death machine plowing down the road. Your truck accident lawyer Memphis, TN chooses for his or her experience will likely have seen tire blowouts happen because of overloaded trucks or because of defects in the tires themselves.

Contact a Memphis Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck accidents can happen for a variety of reasons, including distracted driving, driver error, drowsy driving, defective truck parts, and overweight or improperly loaded trucks. In any case, if you would like to speak with a truck accident lawyer in Memphis, TN from Wiseman Bray, call (901) 372-5003 and set up a consultation to find out what type of legal options you may have.

During your initial consultation with a truck accident lawyer Memphis, TN counts on, do not hesitate to voice your questions and concerns. A good truck accident lawyer is more than happy to address your concerns and questions and make you feel as comfortable as possible.
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A truck accident lawyer Memphis, TN knows can tell you that, when a commercial truck slams into a passenger vehicle, the injuries and damage can be devastating to a family. At Wiseman Bray, we have been representing victims of truck accidents for years, and have seen the catastrophic injuries many victims suffer. We have also helped numerous families whose loved ones did not survive their injuries in getting justice for that heartbreaking loss.

Contact Wiseman Bray today at (901) 372-5003, and rest assured that a truck accident lawyer Memphis, TN recommends will be the one to represent you in seeking damages for the pain and loss you have suffered.