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If you or a family member was injured or died after a collision with a large truck, you should consider seeking legal advice from a trucking accident lawyer Memphis, TN trusts. Monetary compensation may be available to cover your medical expenses and other losses. Due to the complexity often involved in these types of claims, the sooner you schedule a consultation with a Memphis trucking accident lawyer, the better it may be for the outcome of your case. Call Wiseman Bray now to speak with a lawyer who cares.

Seeking Legal Assistance from a Trucking Accident Lawyer Memphis, TN Respects

More than with any kind of motor vehicle accident, victims of trucking accidents should seek immediate legal representation from a trucking accident lawyer Memphis, TN respects. If the injuries are serious — and they often are — a family member can begin communicating with an accident attorney on behalf of the injured person, while the victim receives necessary medical attention.

Smart, Focused Trucking Accident Attorneys in Memphis, Tennessee

At Wiseman Bray, with offices in Memphis and Nashville, Tennessee, a knowledgeable trucking accident lawyer Memphis, TN has to offer has significant experience representing the victims of serious trucking accidents in personal injury lawsuits to recover financial compensation.

The Causes of Truck Accidents

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has worked hard over the years to compile statistics about truck accidents to determine the most common causes in the hope of preventing additional injuries and deaths. The latest statistics indicate there are over 90,000 injuries from truck accidents and a further 3,500 fatalities every year. In most cases, the truck driver was not seriously injured and a majority of these accidents were a result of truck driver negligence. If you believe this to be true for your accident too, you can speak to a trucking accident lawyer Memphis, TN families rely on for legal advice.

Some of the most common causes of these accidents include:

Rollover accidents: As the most common type of truck accident, these often involve several vehicles and can occur on highways, interstates, and rural roads. Usually, the poor execution of turns, uneven loads, and weather conditions are to blame.

Side-swipe accidents: When a truck changes lanes into the path of another vehicle, they are at risk for sideswiping the car. Often driver distraction and inexperience in maneuvering a truck and its blind spots are the reason for these accidents. A trucking accident lawyer in Memphis, TN may be able to assess various pieces of evidence to determine whether or not negligence was involved.

T-bone collisions: These can happen when a truck hits a vehicle on its side. Inattentiveness to traffic, reckless behavior, distractions, and speeding are the most common reasons for a t-bone collision.

Rear-end collisions: When a truck hits a car from behind, it is considered to be a rear end collision. These types of accidents can take a severe impact and put anyone in the back seat at a high risk for serious injury. Speeding, reckless behavior, and falling asleep at the wheel could be the reason for the incident. If you have been involved in this type of collision, please talk with a trucking accident lawyer Memphis, TN respects such as Wiseman Bray.

Head-on collisions: A truck veering into the opposite lane must be careful to avoid other drivers coming in their direction. If the driver is impaired by drugs or alcohol or is excessively fatigued, he or she runs the risk of causing a head on collision. These accidents are typically catastrophic.

The above are not the only causes of truck accidents. Other reasons may involve faulty brakes, tire blow outs, poor road conditions, and malfunctions in fuel systems, third party drivers, and so forth. When you retain a trucking accident lawyer Memphis, TN depends on, you can feel confident in knowing he or she can carry out an in depth investigation of the incident. Using the findings a case can be built in your defense. The law firm of Wiseman Bray can work hard for you so that you can remain focused on your recovery.

Why Are Trucking Accident Cases Different From Other Motor Vehicle Accident Cases?

If you or a family member has been injured by an 18-wheeler (also referred to as a semi or semi-truck), it is important to seek legal representation from an attorney with experience in trucking accident cases.

Semi truck companies are required by federal law to comply with a wide range of safety regulations. As a skilled trucking accident lawyer Memphis, TN trusts, the Wiseman Bray team has a track record of success in aggressively investigating truck driver negligence . We know how to dig for federal trucking inspection and safety data about the trucking company, its trucks and its drivers. We sift through extensive trucking and carrier records to establish a pattern of negligence and build a stronger case for compensation.


To discuss your specific situation, however, we encourage you to contact our offices for a free initial consultation with an accident attorney. Please either submit an online request for a Free Case Review, or call to set up a consultation at 901-372-5003. If you’ve been injured in an accident, contact a trucking accident lawyer Memphis, TN is proud to have fighting for it’s community today.