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firearm - lawyer for memphis apartment shooting victimDid you or a loved one suffer a catastrophic injury due to violent crime in Memphis, perhaps at an apartment complex and need help from a top apartment crime lawyer Memphis, TN has to offer? An armed robbery gone bad? A gunshot? A stabbing? Do you or your family have medical bills, funeral expenses, or lost time from work? Do you wonder if something should have been done to prevent the injury or death?

Innocent people become victims because they assume that all landlords and business owners are responsible people who take basic steps to prevent foreseeable violent crime. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

Negligent Security | Putting Profit before People

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While every crime can’t be prevented, and while every crime is obviously not the fault of a property owner, security measures do cost money. A skilled apartment crime lawyer Memphis, TN respects leads our team and spends an increasing amount of time investigating and prosecuting claims for victims of violent crime after learning that profit was placed above the safety of victims.

As an experienced apartment crime lawyer Memphis, TN knows and trusts, we often see where criminals choose times and locations where there will be plenty of victims compared to a low likelihood of getting caught. Places like apartment complexes, restaurant and nightclub parking lots, and convenience store areas when security measures are lax – e.g., where lighting isn’t properly maintained, landscaping is overgrown (providing places to hide), security gates don’t work, and loitering and/or gang activity is overlooked, if not permitted. And you can bet the criminals know precisely which places are “safer” than others to commit crime.

Case study: In a recent case we were able to resolve without a trial for a confidential seven figure amount, three criminals actually rode their bikes for miles past several other commercial and residential complexes to specifically target a victim at one of the largest apartment complexes in Memphis because they knew the security gates didn’t work, the lighting was out, and that there were no security officers on duty at night. Over time, this Memphis apartment complex’s failure to maintain reasonable security measures created a reputation within the criminal community as being a good place to commit crime with little risk of getting caught, and our client suffered a catastrophic gunshot wound because of it.

Apartment Complex Crime in Memphis TN

Apartment Crime lawyer memphis TNAs an apartment crime lawyer Memphis, TN trusts, we often discover that the large out-of-town companies own and operate apartment complexes and businesses in high crime neighborhoods, and they do little to protect their residents and visitors to the properties. Why? It’s quite simple — spending money on security hurts the bottom line.

As an apartment crime lawyer Memphis, TN counts on at Wiseman Bray PLLC has significant experience fighting passionately and getting civil justice for victims who have suffered catastrophic injury due to violent crime. Our commitment to fighting crime is second to none. The team is led by Harvard Law graduate Lang Wiseman, who has twice served as Campaign Chairman for the current Memphis and Shelby County District Attorney, Amy Weirich. He is also a member of the respected National Crime Victim Bar Association . Please visit the NCVBA website for informational booklets and other material.

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