Pharmacy Errors

Over time, we’ve learned that misfilled prescriptions are frighteningly common. Pharmacists can give out the wrong medication to a customer, or they dispense the wrong dosage of a medication.

Usually the mistake goes unnoticed, as the effects of the drug are never connected to a mistake that nobody knows occurred. But sometimes these mistakes lead to serious illness or wrongful death. If you have felt the effects of a pharmacy error, call us for advice for what actions you need to take to preserve your claim. We’ll also help you determine if you can bring a legal claim against the pharmacy for malpractice or negligence.

We Are Selective in the Pharmacy Error Cases We Take on
We are a relatively small law firm that values quality over quantity. For that reason, we are selective about the personal injury clients we choose to represent. Personal injury cases — especially cases involving pharmacy error — can be hard to prove, and it takes time and a lot of money to bring a medical malpractice case involving pharmacy error to a successful conclusion.