Chiropractor Malpractice

Many people seek medical treatment from chiropractors for back or neck pain. Unfortunately, sometimes this treatment isn’t up to the appropriate standard of care and individuals suffer injuries. Further, due to the nature of the treatment, these injuries tend to be significant and debilitating.

If you think your chiropractic treatment caused an injury, our lawyers ready to review your case. We have significant experience handling these cases and are proud of the successful outcomes we’ve obtained for our clients.

We Carefully Select the Chiropractor Malpractice Cases We Take on
We are a relatively small law firm that values quality over quantity. For that reason, we are selective about the chiropractor malpractice cases we accept. Any medical malpractice case takes a lot of resources and can be difficult to prove — and we want each of our clients to rest assured that they are receiving high-quality personal attention and our best efforts on their behalf.

Favorable Settlement: Chiropractor Malpractice Lawsuit
Our client saw a chiropractor after he began to suffer from low back pain. The chiropractor treated him, but the pain continued and worsened to the point where our client could not move his arm. When he eventually saw a medical doctor for an evaluation, he was told he needed emergency surgery. The chiropractor’s work had caused our client to fracture two cervical disks, and our client needed disk fusion surgery and six screws and a plate placed in his neck.

On behalf of our client, we reached a favorable but confidential settlement.