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Memphis-Shelby County Schools — See the Judge’s Order for Yourself

Memphis-Shelby County Schools — See the Judge’s Order for Yourself

The Order issued by Judge Samuel “Hardy” Mays in the local schools’ case has — with good reason — captured the attention of the public and the media alike during the past week.

We’ve all been subjected to countless media reports describing and analyzing the Order — What does it say?  What does it mean?  Who won?  Who lost?  What happens next?

I’ve read lots and lots of opinion.  What I haven’t seen, though, are many links in the media to the Order itself.

Mindful of that, I wanted to pass a copy of the document so that you can read the Order for yourself, make your own analysis, and draw your own conclusions.

Microsoft Word – FINAL Order Deciding Case – FINAL

Warning:  The Order is long (146 pages).  However, it is well organized and very well written — an easy read insofar as legal opinions go.

I’d be interested to know what you think.  I may offer some of my own observations after further reflection.

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