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Construction can be a large scale, complex and dangerous activity that all too often leads to accidents and injuries and may require the help of a construction accident lawyer Memphis, TN offers. Such accidents and injuries can happen when you least expect them, and when they do occur, a good bet for a sense of direction would be to get in touch with a construction accident lawyer Memphis, TN workers can count on. Because construction projects can be complex and multifaceted, there are many ways in which a construction accident can take place. Determining fault for serious injuries that result from these accidents can be very challenging. That’s why you need an experienced construction accident lawyer Memphis, TN clients have trusted for decades. At WisemanBray, PLLC we can provide you with a construction accident lawyer Memphis, TN workers turn to with confidence.

Considering Construction Accidents

Working in any line of business can come means grappling with risks of one sort or another. Office workers are prone to repetitive stress injuries, while healthcare workers are surprisingly vulnerable to patient assaults and slip and fall injuries. Yet, it is undeniable that some industries are more dangerous than others. For example, construction accident sites are some of the most dangerous places an employee or contractor can work. Even though construction workers know this and know of the risks that come with their jobs, accidents on the job can still happen.

Tragically, many of the construction accidents that occur in America annually could be prevented if only employers were more steadfast about protecting their workers from unnecessary risk factors. Thankfully, the legal system seeks to hold negligent employers accountable under certain circumstances. An experienced Memphis, Tennessee construction accident lawyer may be able to assist victims in seeking justice and financial restitution. If you have been injured in a construction accident, please consider scheduling a consultation with the legal team at Wiseman Bray PLLC. Our experienced legal professionals can answer your questions and determine the best way to seek compensation for your injuries.

Common Causes of Construction Accident Injuries

There are many common types of construction accident injuries ranging from mild to severe. Some of the kinds of injuries our experienced Memphis, TN construction accident lawyers have assisted victims with included those caused by the following kinds of accidents:

  • Collapsed Scaffolding. While the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) has very strict guidelines when it comes to scaffolding safety, many construction workers can still fall from scaffolding and get injured or even die.
  • Falling from Heights. Because of the nature of their work, many construction employees work from great heights and even with proper safety gear, accidents still happen. In other scenarios, a construction employee may fall into a hole on-site and get hurt too.
  • Failing to Wear Necessary Safety Gear. While the OHSA does have strict safety gear guidelines, not all employees and contractors follow these rules. When this happens, they are much more susceptible to injuring themselves.

Is construction work more dangerous than other work?

Yes. The very nature of construction work involves heavy machinery, potentially working from heights, being around extremely loud noises, and being near hazardous substances. Even with proper training and careful navigation through construction sites, employees can still sustain injuries. But the hazardous nature of the job does not make employers any less liable for failure to protect their workers from certain kinds of foreseeable harm. It is partially for this reason that it is so important for accident victims to explore their legal options with the assistance of a Memphis, TN construction accident lawyer.

Who is typically liable for construction accidents?

This will depend entirely on the accident scenario, but there are many parties who could potentially be responsible for your injury. For example, your supervisor may be responsible if they did not maintain a safe work environment. It is also possible that a third-party is responsible for your injuries if a manufacturer manufactured defective equipment that you use. Your Memphis, TN construction accident lawyer will be able to answer this question in more detail after learning about the circumstances surrounding your accident.

What kind of compensation can I expect for my injuries?

There are different types of compensation that you may be able to receive if you work at a construction site. For example, if you are an employee—not a contractor—your supervisor likely has some sort of workers’ compensation insurance. When this is the case (and if it is approved), you can expect some sort of medical and wage reimbursement for your injuries. It is also possible to file a suit with a third-party if they were responsible for your accident. Your Memphis, TN construction accident lawyer will help to explore all viable avenues of compensation depending on the unique nature of your situation.

Our team of attorneys at WisemanBray have successfully handled a plethora of unique and complex cases which resulted in our clients obtaining the maximum amount possible in compensation for their injuries. At WisemanBray you can find a qualified and experienced construction accident lawyer Memphis, TN workers rely on. Not only can WisemanBray attorneys extend a guiding hand to workers who have experienced an unfortunate event, our legal team is available to help many other community members of Memphis, Tennessee.

What type of construction accidents can a Memphis construction accident lawyer help me with?

You can see that WisemanBray attorneys are ready to manage cases relating to auto or trucking accidents, motorcycle accidents, workplace injuries, wrongful death incidents, medical related malpractice, insurance related disputes and, of course, any construction accidents and injuries which unfortunately and inevitably do occur from time to time. As there are so many unpredictable moving parts within any construction job site, a construction accident lawyer in Memphis, TN like Attorney Chris Patterson is eager to help injured workers get justice.

Construction has been on the rise in many places, whether it is a new construction, a repair of varying difficulties or a remodel. With this in mind, developers are seeking to be as efficient and quick as possible. This stress translates back to the worker’s responsibility to meet tight deadlines. Many construction workers have to commute long drives to varying job sites and once at the site, construction workers waste no time in starting work, typically very early in the mornings. Many construction workers find themselves working very long hours, beyond the typical nine to five in a cubicle or office job. All of these different variables add to one thing – fatigue. Many construction workers zone out and do not realize when fatigue occurs and then the inevitable trouble can occur in the form of an accident.

For example, if you step on the step of the ladder which reads “Danger Not A Step” just so you can get the task done quicker, instead of finding a taller ladder, and are injured as a result, then you are a person that may need to seek a Memphis construction accident lawyer from WisemanBray. If you find yourself working at heights, even when you’re strapped in, falls can be violent and extremities can still get severely injured, which is why guidance from a construction accident lawyer Memphis, TN has to offer may be your best bet.

It’s not only construction workers who can fall victim to construction accidents. At WisemanBray you will find a construction accident lawyer Memphis, TN community members seek for trusted legal advice. This is important when a member of the public or a contractor is hurt while passing by or visiting a construction site. A common example of this is when a customer at a shop that is undergoing construction, and they are seriously injured by a component or process of that construction. In that scenario, the victim may have a valid claim against the premises’ owner and/or the construction company.

Recovering Damages

Almost anyone can fall victim to a construction accident. If the accident occurs through no fault of yours, you may qualify for compensation to pay for your injury costs. A construction accident lawyer Memphis, TN locals work with from WisemanBray may be able to recover your damages from the at-fault company.

How can a construction accident lawyer in Memphis, TN help?

When you do find yourself in an accident, you need to understand your rights and all the moving parts associated with filing a workers’ compensation claim report. A construction accident lawyer Memphis, TN residents have asked WisemanBray attorneys to provide can give explanations on workers compensation rights. Often, victims do not realize that their employer or another party might be responsible for compensating them for their injury. Victims often dismiss an injury as an “innocent accident” that was “nobody’s fault” when in fact it occurred because someone else acted negligently. At WisemanBray, we can help you identify who is responsible for the accident and your injury, and who should be held liable. We have the resources to investigate construction site accidents and provide experts who can testify on behalf of our clients.

For construction site injuries, victims can expect to file for any of the below damages:

  • Medical treatment
  • Medication
  • Home or vehicle renovation that may be required because of your injury
  • Medical machinery

An attorney from our firm can help you identify losses you’ve already experienced from your injury as well as potential future losses. That may include lost wages or increased transportation costs if you have been disabled. We will fight for you to receive maximum compensation for all your losses: physical, emotional, and financial. If a loved one passed away in a construction accident, we know that nothing can make up for your loss, but we can help you seek the compensation that you deserve to ensure that justice is served.

Whether you choose to pursue compensation through litigation or negotiation and a settlement, our attorneys will fight aggressively to protect your best interests. You can rest assured that with WisemanBray, you will have a construction accident lawyer Memphis, TN respects.


Anything can happen no matter how careful and mindful we may be. Reality is that our mind is very complex and we cannot always trust our minds to be careful, especially when fatigue or other factors are at play. However, a construction accident lawyer Memphis, TN is proud to have representing its community can be trusted and is available at WisemanBray for a free consultation at 901-372-5003.