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Anyone who enjoys a nice ride on a bike, whether for sport or recreation, may at some point find themselves the victim of an accident. The common perpetrator in a bicycle accident is usually a vehicle driver who was not paying attention and did not see the bicyclist. Sadly, not every driver operates their car with care and respect for others on the road.

Bicyclists may be especially susceptible to suffering painful injuries in the event of a collision. In a car vs. bicyclist crash, the rider does not have an exterior shield to help deflect the impact. The human body cannot withstand heavy, blunt force without enduring agonizing or even life-threatening conditions.

Here at Wiseman Bray, our team of dedicated and compassionate attorneys have been striving to protect the rights of bicyclists for years. We understand that as a rider, you may be going through an excruciating healing process after such an impact. Additionally, we know that you may be dealing with a substantial financial loss, on top of everything else. You should know that a bicycle accident attorney in Memphis, TN is here to help you get through this very distressing situation and answer any questions you have along the way.

Common Threats to Bicyclists on the Road

  1. Car Doors Opening

After a driver parks, he or she can easily forget to look out for bicyclists on the street before opening the car door. Being doored can cause the rider to fall straight forward over the bike and door, then land abruptly onto the ground. The rider may suffer injuries from the impact of the door and from the fall as well.

  1. Road Debris or Potholes

Imperfections on the street can quickly cause a bicyclist to lose control and either fall or crash into a nearby object. A bicyclist has many threats to be aware of when going for a ride, including dips and cracks on the cement roadway. Even small pebbles, rocks, or other debris can be potential threats to a rider.

  1. Texting While Driving

In today’s society, texting and driving happens all too often. The advancement of cell phones may have led us to becoming less attentive when behind the wheel, and some people find that they simply can’t part ways with their phone even for a few minutes. A person operating the vehicle while on a cell phone can be dangerous to not only other drivers, but bicyclists too.

Bike Accident Injuries and Legal Considerations

Riding a bike can be an inexpensive form of transportation, exercise, and recreation. These non-motorized two wheels are becoming an increasingly popular choice for getting around town. However, bicyclists are vulnerable to being hit by motorists who are sharing the roadway, leading to severe and potentially life-threatening injuries. Vehicle drivers are often distracted or speeding, and don’t see a bicyclist until they have made contact. Thankfully, when tragedies like this strike, the law tends to offer opportunities for recourse; and the team at Wiseman Bray, PLLC has extensive experience helping accident victims obtain such recourse.

If you or someone you care about has been hit by a car while riding a bike, we invite you to reach out to a Memphis, Tennessee bicycle accident lawyer for insight regarding your next steps. Victims of bike accidents may be entitled to significant financial restitution.

Common Bicycle Accident Injuries

There are an unlimited number of ways that the human body can get hurt as a result of being struck by the exterior of a vehicle. Not only may the bicyclist suffer injuries from impact, but from tumbling to the ground as well. Victims of such a scenario are encouraged to see a doctor or go to the emergency room without second thought. Even if you think you didn’t sustain any injuries, it is possible your body is in a state of shock and aches won’t be felt until hours or even days later.

If you have sustained physical anguish due to the bike accident, it is vital that you ask for copies of medical documentation and share them with a Memphis, TN bicycle accident lawyer during your initial consultation. Here are examples of common bicycle accident injuries:

  • Bone fractures: wrists, hands, hips, feet, arms, and shoulders are vulnerable to breaks and fractures
  • Traumatic brain injury: mild concussion, skull fracture, brain damage
  • Jaw/facial injury: broken jaw, face scrapes, broken nose, eye wounds
  • Spinal cord injury: damage to the spinal cord often causes long-term or permanent disabilities
  • Neck injury: tendons, vertebrae, nerves, and joints
  • Dental injury: chipped/cracked teeth, broken mandible, or maxilla fracture
  • Nerve damage: can impact any part of the body that suffered blunt force
  • Road rash: serious and painful skin damage can result due to friction with abrasive road surfaces

Legal Considerations

An experienced Memphis, TN bicycle accident lawyer can help you take action against the offending driver. If you are interested in suing the driver who hit you, we recommend gathering evidence as the incident is being handled. For example, get a copy of the police report from your local law enforcement office, keep out-of-pocket receipts for medical bills related to your injuries, estimates for bike repairs, photographs of the scene, and other damages or losses. The outcome of your lawsuit will likely on how much proof is brought forward that shows the extent of your injuries and how the driver was responsible.

An experienced Memphis, TN bicycle accident lawyer will understand how much your life may have been impacted by your bike accident. Your injuries may have even resulted in permanent disability or challenges. We are here to fight for you and will do what we can to help you recover. Please call today for a free consultation.


If you recently suffered an injury from a bicycle accident, it may be in your best interest to speak with a bicycle accident lawyer Memphis, TN residents trust. He or she may examine your case and determine if you have a good chance of getting compensation for your pain and suffering. However, before you make an appointment to see a bicycle accident lawyer, there are a few steps you should take first.

  1. Contact the Police

Call the police and inform them that there has been an accident. One or two officers will come to the scene and make a detailed report of the accident. Tell the police exactly what you saw, so that their report is as accurate as possible. Ask if you can have a copy of the police report to show your bicycle accident lawyer in Memphis, TN.

  1. Talk to the Witnesses

If there were any witnesses nearby when the accident occurred, take a few minutes to write down their names and contact information. Ask them if they would be willing to testify on your behalf about what they saw. Any eyewitness testimony may be a great help to a bicycle accident lawyer Memphis, TN relies on. During court proceedings, he or she may ask a witness a series of questions to help prove the facts of the accident.

  1. Have a Doctor Look at Your Injuries

Even if your injuries don’t seem to be bothering you very much, it may still be a wise idea to get them checked out by a doctor as soon as possible. Your physician will assess the seriousness of your injuries and recommend the appropriate treatment. Before you leave the doctor’s office, ask him or her for a copy of your medical records. If you don’t have records of your injuries, it will be more difficult for your Memphis TN bicycle accident lawyer to prove that you are entitled to compensation.

  1. Do Not Get Rid of Any Evidence

It is a good idea to keep every piece of evidence, whether it’s a cracked helmet or photographs of the scene. Put every piece of evidence in a bag and show it to your bicycle accident lawyer. If your lawyer shows this evidence to the judge and jury, they will see proof that you were hurt during your bicycle accident.

  1. Do Not Talk to Insurance Companies

If the other driver’s insurance company tries to ask you questions about the accident, it may be recommended to refuse giving a statement. The insurance company may use whatever you say against you in court. You can simply advise you that you can’t say anything without your bicycle accident lawyer present.


At Wiseman Bray, we may provide you with strategic and empathetic legal services. Getting hurt in a bicycle accident can be traumatizing, and we understand the pain you are going through. We have the experience and skill to help our clients obtain the compensation they deserve for everything they have been through. If you are looking for a bicycle accident lawyer Memphis, TN trusts, we encourage you to contact us.

At Wiseman Bray, we believe in fighting for what is right. We take pride in helping bicyclists seek justice and compensation they deserve. We do not back down easily, and will do what we can to hold drivers accountable for their harmful behavior. To schedule a free consultation with a bicycle accident attorney in Memphis, TN, call us today.