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5 Must-Read Google Search Tips (plus one) - Attorneys – Wiseman Bray PLLC

5 Must-Read Google Search Tips (plus one)

5 Must-Read Google Search Tips (plus one)

Some helpful tips I found while reading the June 2011 edition of TRIAL Magazine:

  1. Search only on pages within a specific site:  type your search phrase and at the end include “site:[URL] ” and then insert the URL name to search only within particular site. 
  2. Excluded term searching: include a minus sign (“-“) before a word in a search string to exclude pages that contain that word.
  3. Package tracking info: type in your package tracking number. Google will determine the identity of the carrier and link you to the appropriate site.
  4. Search for words within URL: type “allinurl:______” to find actual site names that include a particular word.
  5. Get weather info:  type “weather: _______” while inserting the zip code to get current weather.

Plus one more:

Website linkage: type “link: _____” and insert a URL to see pages that contain a hyperlink to that site.

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