Memphis Workplace Injury Attorneys

 Memphis Workplace Injury AttorneysWe all spend a lot of time at work. Because of that, on the job injuries are some of the most common injuries that adults sustain. When someone is injured at work one of the first steps that they should take is notify their employer and initiate a workers compensation claim through the employer’s process.

Medical bills associated with workplace injuries should be paid by the employer or its insurance carrier. Sometimes, however, the employer doesn’t treat its injured worker fairly. Perhaps the medical bills don’t get paid, or the injured worker doesn’t receive his salary while he is out injured.

In these situations, injured workers need a lawyer that understands the sometimes complex intricacies of the workplace injury laws in Tennessee. They also need a lawyer that cares about their unique situation. On the job injuries are unforeseen interruptions in a person’s normal routine and frequently result in tremendous financial pressure on families. We understand that and work fast to relieve that pressure.

Additionally, sometimes injuries that happen at work are caused by people or companies other than the injured person’s employer. If a third party caused the injury, then you likely have a claim against them, separate and apart from your workers comp claim.

Handling these dual tracks can be challenging and our firm has extensive experience successfully managing simultaneous claims arising out of a single injury. Properly pursuing both claims is tough, so make sure you partner with a lawyer that is up to the task.