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Do you need a Medical Malpractice Lawyer in Memphis TN?Medical Malpractice Attorney Memphis, TN

Most doctors and clinic workers are well-trained, conscientious and caring professionals who do a wonderful job of improving their patient’s quality of life. At some point in our lives, almost all of us will put our health and well-being into the hands of a trained medical professional — and receive careful and excellent care.

Unfortunately, though, the simple fact is that some doctors and hospitals make unnecessary mistakes that cause preventable injury or untimely death. When this happens, doctors and medical staff must be held accountable — just like the driver of a car would be held accountable for injuries caused by reckless driving.

The law allows victims of a doctor’s mistake to seek financial compensation via a lawsuit for medical malpractice or medical negligence, which are technically referred to in Tennessee as a “healthcare liability action.”

What Does Medical Malpractice Mean?

A successful medical malpractice case requires proving that the injury occurred because the doctor failed to discharge his or her duties in accordance with the recognized “standard of care” practiced in the local medical community. For example, would a similarly situated doctor be expected to recognize a diagnosis that was missed, to prescribe a different medication, or to make a referral to an appropriate specialist who might have been able to treat/prevent the injury? Under the law, such a claim must also be supported by a qualified doctor who is willing to testify against a fellow medical provider.

Pharmacy Errors
Chiropractor Malpractice
Birth Injuries
Nursing Home Negligence / Abuse
Hospital Negligence / Malpractice Errors

Because the standard of proof is so high in medical malpractice cases, our team of medical malpractice attorneys carefully scrutinizes every medical malpractice case. We believe this is the right approach to medical malpractice cases for a number of reasons: A frivolous lawsuit hurts everyone involved: the legal system, which is already overburdened; the doctor who is forced to endure unwarranted embarrassment and expense; and the client who wastes his or her time, money, and emotional strength pursuing a cause that is not justified.

When we do accept a medical malpractice case, our client knows that we genuinely believe that their claim has merit. This means that our clients can be absolutely assured that we will be aggressive and fight for the best possible compensation.

We can focus our time and resources effectively, which means our clients receive a high level of service and attention.

By avoiding a reputation for filing questionable lawsuits, we believe we have a greater level of credibility in the legal community, which ultimately benefits our clients.

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