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If you recently suffered injuries from a car accident, you might ask yourself how a car accident lawyer Memphis, TN trusts can help you. No matter how small or big your injuries are, a good car accident attorney can move your case in the right direction and may increase your chances of obtaining fair compensation. See how the attorneys at Wiseman Bray PLLC can help you.

Any type of car accident can be terrifying, whether it was a fender bender or your car was completely damaged. Victims of car accidents often find out how difficult and frustrating it can be trying to deal with insurance companies themselves. By contacting a car accident lawyer Memphis, TN residents depend on, you may have a good opportunity to collect compensation for your pain and suffering. At Wiseman Bray PLLC, we have handled many different types of car accident claims. There are several steps that a car accident lawyer in Memphis, TN may need to take in order to ensure he or she provides you with the best representation. These steps might include conducting an investigation into your accident and gathering all pertinent evidence to your claim.

The Steps To Remember After You Were In a Car Accident

After a car accident like this, you may not remember what you should do first or who to contact, but it can be incredibly helpful to have a simple checklist in your head of the important steps to take immediately following your accident. With the help of an car accident lawyer in Memphis, Tennessee, you can ensure you have compiled the right evidence when you make a claim against the negligent driver after your accident. For more information, read the checklist below.

  1. Do Not Leave the Scene. Even if the accident was not your fault, you should stay at the scene as long as necessary unless you need to seek immediate medical attention. The sooner you leave the scene of the accident, the sooner details about the car crash start becoming foggy.
  2. Check on Everyone Involved. It is imperative to get medical help to the scene immediately if the accident seriously injured someone. Before calling, check yourself for obvious signs of injuries. If you feel that it is safe to move from your seat, speak with any passengers that might have been in your car to see how they are. Finally, check with any other drivers or passengers in other cars to see if the accident injured them. Remember, safety is of the utmost importance and you or anyone else involved should seek medical attention immediately for serious injuries.
  3. Contact the Local Authorities. Unless the accident was a very minor fender bender, you should contact the police as soon as possible to report serious property damage, physical injuries, and even death. When the police arrive, you should ensure that they file a police report and that you get the names of the police officers who arrived at the scene.
  4. Talk With Any Witnesses. If there are any witnesses to this accident, their testimony could be the driving factor in your claim. When speaking with witnesses, get their names and phone numbers for future contact.
  5. Exchange Information With Those Involved. Whenever an accident involves multiple people, you want to ensure you have all their proper names and contact information. This information also includes license plate numbers, insurance information, and even other people’s drivers’ license numbers. When you are talking with other people involved in the accident (especially the other driver), under no circumstances should you apologize. Even if you are sorry about the situation, an insurance company can look at any form of apology as some form of liability or confession.
  6. Get Medical Treatment. Even if you feel fine after the car accident, you should seek help from a medical professional who can find underlying problems that are not visible to the naked eye. In some cases, a car accident can cause brain injuries without the victim having any idea.

The following information is an overview of what a Memphis, TN car accident lawyer may do in a car accident case:

Obtain Evidence of Damages

A car accident lawyer Memphis, TN clients trust understands that in order to increase your chances of winning a settlement, you must provide proof that you were injured during the car accident. Medical documentation is one of the most effective pieces of evidence you can use in court. Many car accident victims find that obtaining all the necessary medical evidence on their own can sometimes be difficult. In some cases, if a victim does not adhere to specific procedures required by the physician’s office, their doctor might not respond to their request. A car accident lawyer Memphis, TN offers is well-versed in what many of these requirements are and is usually successful in obtaining the necessary medical records.

A car accident attorney in Memphis, TN knows that it is also important to save all receipts and documentation of any doctor’s visits, hospitalizations, prescription medications, over-the-counter medications, and any other information that pertains to your injuries.

In addition to providing documentation of injuries, a skilled car accident lawyer Memphis, TN residents depend on also knows that it is important to a car accident injury case to have as much proof as possible that shows that the other driver was at fault. In addition to getting all the necessary police reports, a Memphis car accident attorney may also contact any witnesses who saw the accident or other passengers to take their statements regarding details of the accident. The more evidence that can be obtained in a car accident injury lawsuit, the more difficult it is for the insurance company to deny or lowball the damages an injured victim is entitled to.

Negotiate a Fair Settlement

Negotiating with insurance companies is tricky and difficult to accomplish for the average person. That’s why working with a car accident lawyer Memphis, TN respects can be so invaluable. Their negotiating skills may help you obtain the compensation you deserve. During negotiations, your Memphis, TN car accident lawyer may tell the insurance company exactly how much your specific injury is worth, and won’t let them get away with offering you a low amount. There are several methods that car accident attorneys may use to determine how much compensation you should receive for your injuries. Your Memphis car accident attorney may explain to you exactly how they come up with that amount.

Many insurance companies prefer settling car accident injury cases instead of litigating them out in a courtroom. Once they realize that your attorney is not looking for a quick settlement, but a fair one for you – and is willing to take your case to trial – they often will reevaluate the case and offer the victim the amount of compensation they are entitled to.

Representation in Court

If you have an experienced car accident lawyer Memphis, TN counts on by your side, you may feel more confident walking into a courtroom. He or she may help to make sure you are properly prepared and can coach you on what you should say in your testimony. If you represent yourself, you might be more nervous and end up saying something that could hurt your case. A skilled attorney will prepare a solid case and knows what evidence is pertinent for your case, as well as what witnesses to call.

An injured victim representing themselves may also not be aware of the proper legal process that all litigants are required to follow – such as filing or responding to motions – and the lack of this knowledge could also end up hurting their case.

Questions to Ask a Car Accident Lawyer

Before you hire a car accident lawyer, it may be important to ask him or her some questions about past experience. Find out how many car accident cases the lawyer has handled in the past, and how many of them he or she won. You may also ask the lawyer how he or she plans to tackle your case, and how much time he or she can devote to your lawsuit. Working with a car accident lawyer who has dealt with cases similar to yours in the past and has a clear idea of how to handle your lawsuit may increase your chances of winning a settlement.

Let a Car Accident Lawyer Memphis, TN Trusts Fight for You

If you have been injured in a car accident, hire an assertive Memphis car accident lawyer to help you get compensation for your pain and suffering. Dealing with insurance companies can be a complex process, and sometimes an insurance company will do whatever they can in order to pay you less than you deserve for your injuries. There are even cases where insurance companies will try to deny the claim completely.

When you have been involved in a car accident, you should seek help from attorneys you can trust before filing your claim. If you are in search of a reputable car accident lawyer Memphis, TN has faith in, contact a lawyer at Wiseman Bray PLLC today at (901) 372-5003 or fill out a contact form from our website.