Guest Blog Post by Lang Wiseman at MBQ: Inside Memphis Magazine

Lang Wiseman was recently named a “Power Player” by MBQ: Inside Memphis Magazine, and he was asked to author a guest blog post on their website.  A quick excerpt:

Lawyers suffer from the fact that we are often associated with times of great stress, anxiety, and angst. I often find, for example, that many of our clients seek our help because they find themselves in unfamiliar, and sometimes even threatening, territory. They don’t really want a lawyer. They need one.

Proposed Change in Seat Belt Law Hurts Tennessee Accident Victims

A proposed bill in the Tennessee Legislature would change a decades-old law that was designed to protect accident victims and protect the taxpayors.


Since 1986, the law made it inadmissible in court whether an injured person was wearing his seat belt.  This legal rule makes perfect sense if you stop and think about it for a minute.  Indeed, if a negligent driver causes an accident – let’s say, for example, because he was texting while driving, or perhaps because he was drunk – should he somehow bear LESS responsibility for his actions because the innocent person he crashes into wasn’t wearing a seat belt?


Of course not.