News: Pharmacy Mistakenly Gives Abortion Drug to Pregnant Woman

News outlets are reporting today that a pharmacy in Denver mistakenly filled a pregnant woman’s prescription with methotrexate, which is a chemotherapy drug that is also used for early-stage pregnancy termination.  There is now a chance that she might lose her unborn child.

Unfortunately, as we’ve blogged about before, pharmacy mix-ups are much more common than you might realize.  In fact, our firm has represented multiple plaintiffs in cases involving serious medication errors by national pharmacy chains.

To be safe, you should always take steps to protect yourself.  Resolve to be a responsible partner in your own healthcare, and communicate with your pharmacist and other healthcare providers. Ask questions if necessary, and stay vigilant about your medications. Know what your pills are supposed to look like, and what your dosage is supposed to be.

For all new medications or medications you are not familiar with, be sure to utilize helpful online “pill identification” tools to confirm that you are taking the right pills.  You can find links on our Blog site by clicking here.

Wiseman Quoted in MDN on Leadership & Public Service

The Memphis Daily News featured local efforts to enhance leadership training, civic involvement, and professional development in Memphis and Shelby County, specifically detailing recent generous gifts by Duncan Williams and Brad Martin.

Wiseman was quoted as follows:

Shelby County Republican Party chairman Lang Wiseman had the same experience as Williams did when he went through the academy as part of leadership training through the Memphis Bar Association.

“It makes you realize that the difference between being an insider versus being an outsider is sometimes as simple as the process of raising your hand,” Wiseman said. “You’re an insider because you step up and raise your hand and say, ‘I’ll do this.’”

Coffee agreed.

“Memphis is a place where if you raise your hand and indicate true willingness to work, we will embrace you and help you to find a path to that – to your best fit,” she said.

Wiseman Quoted in Debate for Method of Selection for State AG

Lang Wiseman was quoted in today’s edition of The Memphis Daily News concerning the debate over how and whether to reform the method by which the State Attorney General is selected.  Presently, the AG is selected by the Supreme Court; however, there are a growing number of (mostly Republican) legislators who are proposing that the AG be popularly elected.

Wiseman disagreed with that approach, instead favoring the federal method whereby the AG would be appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the State Senate.  Wiseman was quoted as follows:

“I think the politicization of the government’s arm to enforce the law is not a good thing,” Wiseman said. “Having said that, I think having the Supreme Court appoint the attorney general is probably not good either.

“I tend to side with the prevailing view of the Founding Fathers, who understood that enforcing the law is an executive function and needs to be within the executive branch.”