Wiseman Interviewed on ABC-24 News

Lang Wiseman was interviewed last night for the lead story on the 10 o’clock news on ABC 24.  Wiseman was asked to respond to the political implications of Bristol Palin being in the finals on Dancing With the Stars.

I’ve received no transmission from the Republican National Committee to try and get people out to vote for Sarah Palin on “Dancing With the Stars,” said Wiseman.  “Or her daughter,” added Wiseman.

Wiseman says, “If this is what we’re reduced to, worrying about Sarah Palin and her daughter on reality TV, well there are a lot more concerns in the world worth worrying about.”

The whole video is below:

Trucking Company (Un)safety Ratings…It's Scary Out There

Check out my friend Morgan Adams’ blog post here summarizing the most recent Carrier Safety Ratings.

Here are a few particular nuggets of scary information:

  • Carriers with unsatisfactory carrier safety ratings:  1,717
  • Active carriers operating with no liability insurance:  1,060
  • Carriers with deficient Vehicle Safety (VHSEA) scores:  19,054

So be careful out there. 

And if heaven forbid you or someone you know ever need an attorney to handle a trucking accident claim, make sure you make the wise choice when selecting an attorney.

Wiseman quoted in Memphis Commercial Appeal

Buzz Already Starting about 2012 GOP Nomination.

Lang Wiseman, chairman of the Shelby County Republican Party, doubts the outcome will be any different for Palin.

Wiseman views Palin as “the darling of the tea party,” but says she is “probably more of a symbolic or cultural icon at this point” than a legitimate presidential contender.

“Personally, I like some of the things she has to say, but I have to look at the total package and she has certain negatives irrespective of the cause of it.”

Wiseman said the same goes for Newt Gingrich, who told The Des Moines Register last week he also is strongly considering a run for the GOP nomination.

The most attractive Republican presidential candidate likely won’t be anyone as polarizing as Palin or Gingrich, Wiseman said, but may well be someone who has not yet signaled an intention to run.