Wiseman Quoted Re: Lincoln Day Gala featuring RNC Chairman Michael Steele

On March 6, 2010, the Shelby County Republican Party is hosting its annual Lincoln Day Dinner/Gala featuring the national chairman of the GOP, Michael Steele.  Today, the Memphis Commercial Appeal ran a feature article about the event, quoting Lang as follows:

“We are very excited about welcoming Chairman Steele to Memphis and hearing about the (Republican National Committee’s) plans to help conservative candidates win in 2010,” Shelby County Republican Party chairman Lang Wiseman said in a statement.

For ticket information, visit www.shelbygop.org.

Wiseman quoted in Memphis Daily News re: Blockbuster case

Lang was quoted in the Memphis Daily News regarding the resolution of a lawsuit involving one of the firm’s clients, Blockbuster Inc., following a critical victory in a recent preliminary injunction hearing.  The lawsuit dealt with whether Blockbuster could participate in the burgeoning and crucial market for online delivery of entertainment content.  The lawsuit was ultimately resolved to the satisfaction of both parties.

Quote in Commercial Appeal — Charter Commission

Chris Patterson is a member of the Metro Charter Commission.  He was quoted in today’s Memphis Commercial Appeal:

Millington Mayor Richard Hodges passed out a list of small towns’ concerns about metro government, ranging from the quality of ambulance service to tax rates. He asked what guarantee there is that the Memphis and Shelby County school systems won’t merge.

Rev. Ralph White asked why the school systems should be separate. “I think we would want all of our children to have the same education,” he said.

That prompted a response by member Chris Patterson, who said the public wouldn’t accept it: “(If we keep talking about schools), the practical reality is this thing is doomed before it starts.”

The group is drafting a proposed plan for a combined Memphis and Shelby County government. It voted last year not to include a school merger in the proposed combined government that it will present to voters later this year.

Quote in the Commercial Appeal

Harold Byrd Withdraws from Shelby County Mayor’s Race

Byrd’s announcement will come as a surprise to many people, said Lang Wiseman, chairman of the Shelby County Republican Party.

“I think the inside-baseball people suspected that he wasn’t going to run, but I think the general public just assumed that he was in,” he said.

He said he hopes strong Republican candidates will run, and predicted that this year’s elections will be marked by tension between opposing trends: growing demographic strength for Democrats in Shelby County, vs. disappointment with Democrats at the national level.

Wiseman Bray PLLC – New Client Testimonial

One of our New Year’s Resolutions here at Wiseman Bray PLLC is to use video testimonials as part of our website marketing — i.e. let our former clients tell about their experiences with our firm for the benefit of folks out there on the web looking for an attorney.  Indeed, former clients are in the best position to explain why you should (or shouldn’t) hire a particular lawyer or law firm.

Well, we just finished filming and editing our first video and want your input.  So tell us what you think about the video — do you like the idea?  Is there something we could do better as we move forward and film more?